Aeternum exhibition catalog

Art Beyond Time

“Art exists in a kind of eternity of exposure, and although different period characteristics are distinguished in it, it knows no time.”

Walter Benjamin

The exhibition “Aeternum” aims to explore the timeless dimension of art through an eclectic selection of works, including sculptures, paintings and digital productions.

The goal is to investigate the concept of the eternity of creative expression as opposed to the inexorable flow of present time.

Through a lens that integrates ancient, classical, Baroque, and Romantic influences, the artists investigate the theme of artistic perpetuity by posing an analysis of how art has evolved and maintained its relevance, drawing inspiration from its complexity over the centuries.

The visual creations on display not only reflect the past but reinvent it, thus reproducible works achieve a form of effective autonomy by offering a reflection on the constant evolution of art and its inherent timelessness.

Holy Club, for this exhibition, becomes a metamorphic space conceived as an incubator of transformations, which is precisely why the creative setup aims to transport the audience into a sacred state of persistence, embodying the very concept of “Aeternum,” so as to amplify the communication of the works and immerse the visitor in a journey that defies temporal conventions.

Artists on display

Nebvla, Roberto Giavarini, Emanuele Dascanio, Federico Fauli, Paulo Renftle

Artists on display – Cyber Punk Pavilion

Gabriele La Teana, Francesco Scura, Adriano Lombardo, Piero Turino, Yu Cai, Gebelia, Jeibi, Reno